Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Well here I am again putting it out there. I am over the verbal harasment from that guy.Who ever George was. And off to bigger and better things, right now I am enjoying the relaxing red wine I have begun using in lew of VODKA. I found out recently my fathers grandfather immigrated from a very small town in middle Russia. NO WONDER I love VODKA so much.   HA HA !!! Anyway I have been off the stuff of my ancesters since the beginning of the year and to tell the truth,(which I almost ALWAYS do) I am feeling really good about it.  I have had a couple White Russians but for the most of it the red wine is working, I feel better!  I think the added exercise and added work hours are playing a part too. 
I want to know if there are any honest people left, I mean I know there are but who really knows it?  The whole UGLYNESS of that george fellow made me think,, of course there is no way of knowing for sure who it is but I have a pretty good idea,,,  made me think about something he told me once,,,,every body lies.
I for one believe there are still honest people . Still real ones who know and live by truth and honesty. I know a few. I think it is harder to lie because I can't remember what really happened so why would I lie? It is to hard keeping the facts straight. Way too difficult to fabricate. So for all you none believers bite me. I will continue tyo live my life in my little fantasy world . Where people are for the most part honest and sincere.  Where when a man says he loves his wife, he does indeed. A world where people respect elders and protect their children. A world where there is still hope for humanity. That good will prevail.!!!!!   peace 


  1. the worst lies are the ones u tell yourself, that allow u to live in a drrug induced dreamworld or fantasy. then actuall believe the lie.

  2. No George the worst lie is to live like your and man with an opinion when you're really a weak little being having to put down what others do to make your little meaningless life feel big.